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What Is Laser

  • L A S E R : Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

    There are so many types of laser machines available in the market for medical and industrial use. Every laser has a single specific wavelength (color). The energy or power of laser light is variable and depends on technique and parameters of use. The beam of laser light is very sharp and goes like straight line (Coherent) up to a long distance. It can be manipulated by fiber optics or surface coated special mirrors depending on energy and wavelength. Every laser has a different energetic effect like cutting, heating, burning, blasting, evaporating, breaking etc. In the case of hair removal, laser energy heat up hair shafts to damage the papilla and disable surrounding cell layers, which are responsible for hair growth


    The Properties of Laser Light

    1) Monochromatic light

    2) Low divergence

    3) Coherent light

    4) Light with high Energy / Power


  • I P L : Intense Pulsed Light


    Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is not a laser but is another source being used for hair removal. IPL systems are cost wise cheaper and technically different from lasers. IPL delivers the broad spectrum of mixed wavelengths 430nm to 640nm in each flash of light. The source of Light in IPL System is Xenon lamp (Bulb) and producing incoherent light. For hair removal certain special red filter is used to target the hair follicles with the flashes of light. The burst of filtered light energy may causes damage to the hair follicles in the similar way as a laser. But because of low energy, low frequency and incoherent light IPL is less effective than diode laser. Because of poor results it requires more treatment sessions. Basically IPL is source of incoherent intense light that is used for some skin treatments like skin rejuvenation, superficial pigmentation, skin cirrhosis etc, with the different filters.


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