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Side Effects

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

You Should Know the Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

The laser hair removal treatment is usually risk free. But there are some side effects of the procedure mainly depending on the color complexion and sensitivity of the skin. But type of the laser system and settings of the treatment parameters could be a cause.

Discomfort : There might be some patients who feel mild to moderate discomfort during the laser treatment. Tingling and numbness around the treated area for few minutes are probably the most common side effect.

Redness and Itching : There might be redness and itching on the treated area immediately after treatment for half an hour or so, considered a normal reaction.

Swelling : There may be swelling in sensitive areas such as lips, cheeks, chin, Breast, bikini line and underarms for an hour or so. Flare of acne or swelling around the hair follicle is also a common and normal reaction.

Mild Pain : Usually the laser hair removal treatment is pain less but at a level of giving energy some patients describe it as slight painful whereas some of them feel as prickling sensation and most of the patients feel nothing no pain at all. Every patient has a different level of pain threshold.

Skin Burns : During the laser hair removal treatment laser produces lot of heat to burn the hair follicles this can lead to burning sensations or mild skin burns in some Patients. Mild skin burns occurs more frequently on patients with darker skin. These marks are recoverable within a week.

Black Spots or Scabs : Laser treatment can lead to scabs formation on sensitive or darker skin patients around the treated area. This is very rare and goes within a week. There are very rare side effects including superficial blistering, scarring and skin texture changes.

Eye Injury : Direct laser light is harmful for naked eyes and may lead to swear eye injury. So it is very important to protect your eyes with laser protective eye wears or cover the eyes properly during the treatment.

All possible side effects are temporary and recoverable within a weak even without any medication.
An antibiotic skin cream or ointment can be use to avoid further infection.


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